Argentine tango

Welcome to School "TANGO QUERIDO", Kiev, Ukraine!

Tango is a special body language, using it man and woman can talk without words.

Tango is a dance where the embrace is more important, than the steps.

Tango is an improvisation.

Man is leading, woman is following. They don’t agree about their steps beforehand, they just listen to the music, and the movement appears by itself, from deep inside the body. While dancing couple becomes one - magical creature with four legs and one body for two.


Tango can be diverse: passionate and quiet, active and slow, melancholic and funny. Everybody can find his/her own style which best fits his/her temperament and current mood.

Join our tango lessons, if you want to learn how to create your own, individual and unique dance!

We provide group lessons (in Russian with possible translation in English), or individual tango lessons with English speaking teacher. For more details, please, contact us by phone or e-mail.



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