FAQ (frequently asked questions)

 Where can I dance tango in Kiev?
There are milongas in Kiev almost every day of the week. Also there are practicas, organized by different Kiev’ tango schools or before some of milongas. The timetable and addresses of milongas and practicas in Kiev you can find at our site: Milongas and Practicas

more about our tango lessons 

Clothing and shoes for the tango lessons.
For tango lessons you can wear any casual clothes, which gives you freedom with movements. Please, do not use strong perfume. Shoes: it’s better to wear dance shoes with leather (chrome or suede) sole; for ladies – shoes with a comfortable heel. For the first time, if you don’t have any dance shoes, you can wear usual shoes with a sole, which let you turn and glide on the wooden floor. In the future we recommend you to buy the dance shoes, designed specially for tango. These shoes has more dense sole compared with ballroom dance shoes and the special forma, which gives better balance for dancing in a close embrace.

I don’t have a partner. May I come alone? 
Tango – is not a solo dance. So, it’s better if you will come together with a partner. But, if you don’t have a partner, it’s not a reason to refuse yourself the pleasure of learning tango. During the class we change partners for better effectiveness of the lesson. So, everybody will have chance to dance with each other in the group.

The price of the lesson. May I come for free to watch the lesson?
The price of one single lesson in a group is 60 UAH. The monthly membership (8 lessons) costs 400 UAH.
It’s not allowed just watching the lesson. If you come, even the first time, you should work together with the group.

Can I order an individual tango lesson in English?
We can make individual lessons for 1-2 persons or for a small group with English speaking teachers. The price depends on the time and other conditions. For the information about private lessons, please, contact us.

If you have other questions about tango lessons, milongas in Kiev, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

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